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Air Kiy ‘Distorted’ Sneakers

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Air Kiy ‘Grambling’ Sneakers

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Air Kiy ‘Houston 1.0’ Sneakers

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Air Kiy ‘Miami’ Edition Sneakers

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Air Kiy ‘St. Anthony’s’ Sneakers

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Air Kiy ‘St. Patrick’s’ Sneakers

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Air Kiy “Jokes Up” Edition Sneakers

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Air Kiy “Peach Sand” Sneakers

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Kool Kiy Hoodie

Kool Kiy Shoes Brand

A Kool Kiy favorite are the Nike Lightning Bolt sneakers. These shoes are a hit among sneakerheads and streetwear fans alike for their unique design. Collectors and fans alike love Kool Kiy’s stylish footwear and dedication to quality. Nickwon Arvinger, a talented artist, meticulously creates each shoe’s logo and colorway. There’s something bold and unique about each shoe, whether it’s red or neon green. The logos add to the overall appeal of the sneakers with their sleek designs and vibrant colors. Similarly, kool kiy  guarantee comfort and durability with their outsoles.

Wearers feel confident and stylish in any setting with the outsoles designed to prevent slips. You can use sneakers on smooth concrete or on rugged trails. Sneaker heads and streetwear enthusiasts instantly embraced sneakers. Fans rush to get their hands on a pair of sneakers regardless of colorway. The brand sneakers are constantly in demand, as the brand is committed to creating innovative and stylish footwear.

Kool Kiy Shoes
Kool Kiy Sneakers

Kool Kiy counterclaims against Nike

Nike is accused of trademark infringement by streetwear label Kool Kiy in its lawsuit. As part of the ongoing legal battle between Kool Kiy and Nike, the company filed a counterclaim this week. Nike’s prior trademark infringement claims were “invalid and unenforceable,” according to a document filed by By Kiy LLC (alias Kool Kiy) on Monday. A Kool Kiy lawyer responds to each of Nike’s complaints, starting with how its Air Jordan 1 and Dunk trade dresses are not infringed. It claims that as well as being a popular streetwear brand among celebrities, Kool Kiy is also a well-known brand among sneaker enthusiasts. They claim that their Lightning Bolt logo sets them apart from Air Jordan 1s and Dunks that they are allegedly copying.

In contrast to the Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk, Kool Kiy claims its shoes are intentionally made different from Nike. There is also a Kool Kiy-branded outsole, and the “By Kiy” bolt logo is depicted as part of the details.

Behind The Brand

In the process of advancing to the top, he never forgets why he began. He is successful because he inspires more entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. A third of his revenue comes from his Instagram platform, which covers the LLC and tax ID of five businesses every three months. Artistry and talent abound in New Jersey. Aiming to provide New Jersey with the same quality as New York is Kool Kiy’s mission. Though much of his work is focused on Black culture, he demonstrates versatility through his work. Despite financial difficulties, hunger and rejection led to such an impactful brand. Nevertheless, he continues to grow due to his integrity, authenticity, and generosity.

Inspired by Colors and Culture

Always inspired by vintage and 90’s styles, his work focuses on African American culture, the colors red, black, green, and yellow. As far as his work is concerned, Kool Kiy remains true to his roots. A complex production process is used by most designers, but at Kiy Studios, there are no such processes. In addition to sneakers he collects, Kool Kiy draws inspiration from his custom palettes. The item is created by him in his warehouse if he does not own the sneaker but does own the palette. A turning point in his career came with his collaboration with Jimmy Jazz. It is a matter of time before the designer, who worked on “The Originals” and “Support Black Colleges”, achieves success. When it comes to Kool Kiy, there is no limit to what he can accomplish.

Kool Kiy Sneakers

  • Kool Kiy Shoes

The Cool Kiy Shoes brand offers fashion-forward footwear. In addition to producing well-designed and comfortable shoes, Kool Kiy emphasizes fashion and comfort. The unique design of kool kiy shoes for sale makes it stand out. Keeping up with fashion trends, the brand launches new styles constantly. A pair of shoes will suit any occasion, whether it’s casual or special. Kool Kiy Shoes are designed for comfort and support. Its shoes are stylish and comfortable thanks to high-quality materials. y Shoes makes sure its shoes are comfortable from cushioned footbeds to durable outsoles.

  • Kool Kiy Sneakers

Fashionable and stylish sneakers are available from Sneakers. Shoes from the brand enhance an everyday look by providing comfort and style. We have something for every occasion and taste at kool kiy. Designers and craftsmen appreciate kool kiy sneakers. The brand’s designers are responsible for creating comfortable shoes that have a great look. Every pair is made of the finest materials and meticulously designed. It’s all about comfort at KOOL KAY. Soft uppers and cushioned insoles provide comfort throughout the day. Sneakers offers the perfect fit for every foot type, whether you prefer a casual shoe or an athletic style.

  • Kool Kiy Jordan 1

This iconic footwear model from Air Jordan is stylish and functional. Sneaker enthusiasts quickly embraced this 1985 release. Any fashion-forward individual’s collection must include this sneaker with its fashion-forward design and innovative performance.

The kool kiy jordan 1 distinguishes itself from other Jordan models with its distinctive design. Black and red accents complement the white leather upper. A classic and recognizable look is achieved through the use of the Jordan logo. This Kool Kiy Jordan 1 is not only stylish, but also exceptionally durable. Wearers get cushioning and comfort from Nike Air in the midsole. Various activities are made possible by the rubber outsole.

Kool Kiy Clothing Collection

Kool Kiy Tracksuit

With its trendy design and comfort, the tracksuit it is both stylish and practical. When made from quality materials, tracksuits are stylish and functional. Soft and breathable fabric make up both the jacket and pants of the tracksuit. Various weather conditions can be handled with this jacket’s hood and zipper closure. An elastic waistband and drawstrings allow you to customize the pants. A variety of colors are available for the kool kiy tracksuit. All-day freshness is ensured with the fabric’s durability and wrinkle resistance.

Kool Kiy Hoodie

Style and comfort are combined in the Hoodie. The high-quality fabrics ensure this hoodie will last a long time and keep you warm. The Hoodie pairs stylish design with a comfortable fit.Premium fabric ensures durability and comfort in the kool kiy hoodie. Both formal and casual occasions are perfect for this soft, breathable top. This Hoodie exudes confidence and style with a sleek modern design. Keeping your hands warm or storing small essentials is easy with the kangaroo pocket at the front. All seasons can be covered with the adjustable hood.

Kool Kiy Cargo 

These versatile cargo pants combine comfort with functionality. A great gift for any occasion, it offers a unique design and versatile features. Comfortable fit is guaranteed with the kool kiy cargo. Due to its soft fabric, this shirt is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The perfect fit can be found in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. An ample amount of storage space is provided by the Cargo Pant. Keys, wallets, phones, and more can be stored in the multiple pockets. You can wear these cargo pants for a hike, errand run, or commute.

Kool Kiy Shorts

The Shorts brand prides itself on creating stylish, comfortable men’s shorts. Comfortably transitioning between on-the-go and lounging at home is our goal with our shorts. The right pair of shorts can enhance both your body and your style, and at kool kiy shorts, we do both. So we offer a diverse range of styles and designs, so everyone can find one to suit their needs. With shorts that can be dressed up or down, you can choose from a classic fit, a trendy style, or a versatile piece.

Kool Kiy Beanie

Winter is the perfect time to wear a Beanie to stay warm and stylish. Any fashion-conscious individual should own this hat due to its unique design and high-quality materials. Stylish kool kiy beanie won’t go unnoticed. The material is both warm and durable due to its wool and acrylic content. There are several colors available, so whatever you have in mind can be paired with it. With Kool Kiy, you’ll be as comfortable as possible. Against your skin, it feels luxurious with soft fleece lining. While doing outdoor activities or in windy conditions, the hat keeps you secure on your head.